Yunessun, the funny hot springs spa resort.


This is one of the main Yunessun pools.


In this pool we can play with inflatable balloons.

In Japan there are plenty of traditional hot springs, the most common are called Onsen (温泉). This time I will talk in a more fun way to enjoy the hot springs.


This statue is located in a Roman hot springs.


This waterslide is one of the most fun attractions.


This stair way has different levels of soil full of stones.

Hakone Kowaki Yunessun (箱根小涌園ユネッサン) is a hot springs spa resort and water amusement park located in Hakone. In this resort are a lot of recreations of Onsen with various decorations or environments, and other natural Onsen, pools or waterslides.

In traditional Onsen has to go naked and thus normally men and women are separated in different places, but in Yunessun as we are allowed to wear swimsuit, we can enjoy together. If we also have a tattoo, we can cover it with clothing (because in the Onsen it is not allowed to enter with tattoos).


One of the most striking pools with red wine.


Tea is very important in Japanese culture, so could not be absent in this resort.


Both the color and smell can be easily recognized as we approach the coffee hot spring.

Some of the most striking types of hot springs in Yunessun are where the water that simulates wine, tea, coffee or even sake (Japanese liquor).


Doctor fish that feeds off the dead skins on our feet.

We can also buy food, play games machines or dare to be treated by Dr. Fish, one of the most amazing experiences that Yunessun offers.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun’s website


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