Tokyo Station daytime

Tokyo station (東京駅) is one of the major train stations in Japan and it is located right in the center of Tokyo, near the Imperial Palace and the shopping district of Ginza.

tokyo eki day 1

View from the front, facing towards the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo station was first constructed in the early 20th century, and has been rebuilt multiple times due to destruction from the war or other disasters.
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In recent years, a full-scale renovation was carried out in 2007 to restore the station to it’s original design. During the renovation, the station still functions normally serving train passengers in and out of Tokyo.

tokyo eki day 3

The unique dome.

The renovation has been completed and the restored Tokyo Station is officially launched in October 2012.

tokyo eki day 4

Full view of the station.

As Tokyo station is also the terminal station for Shinkansen (新幹線, bullet train) line, it is very common to spot these trains heading in and out of the station.

tokyo eki day 5

Shinkansen aka bullet train.


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