The Tokyo Skytree: engineering at its finest!

One of the most recent landmarks in the Tokyo skyline is also one of the grandest achievements in architecture. The Tokyo Skytree is recent compared to other landmarks, having opened in May of 2012, but it’s recognizeable from a long distance away. It’s not as famous as some places like Tokyo Tower, but being one of the largest manmade structures in the world, it’s surely going to take its own place in the world!


The height of the Skytree is quite impressive!

The primary use for the Tokyo Skytree is as a broadcasting tower. It is used by most of the major terrestrial broadcasting companies in the Tokyo and Greater Kanto area, and by a few FM radio stations as well. Many broadcasters have slowly moved away from the venerable old Tokyo Tower and have begun their major signal broadcasting from the Skytree.

The height of the Tokyo Skytree reaches an astounding 634 meters tall, which is roughly 2,000 feet. There is currently only one structure in the entire world taller than the Skytree! The Skytree can be seen from many vantage points in Tokyo, and from the structure, you can see a lot of Tokyo as well.


Much of Tokyo can be seen, even from the base.

Nestled up against the Skytree, however, is a shopping center called Tokyo Solamachi. It features dozens of restaurants, a full service supermarket, clothes retailers, specialty and novelty shops, a meeting hall, and even an aquarium. There is no shortage of places to get souvenirs, including a bottle of wine shaped like the Skytree itself! Solamachi is 8 floors high as well, but even from the top, you can feel small looking up at the Skytree so high.

The Skytree is quickly becoming a prime tourist’s destination. Many tourist buses come to and from the base of the structure, and luckily for many people, it is centrally located in the subway lines with the Oshiage Station located underneath the tower. The Skytree is also a short distance away from many of Tokyo’s other destinations, and is easy to visit any day of the week. Just be ready for the crowds!

It’s easy to get impressed with the scale and the impressive architecture that is the Skytree. From where many people live, you can see it in the distance and it’s another reminder how impressive human engineering can be. There’s also so much to do and see at the Skytree that it’s worth a second trip! Even on rainy days, it’s a fun and inspiring place if you enjoy the uniqueness of the Tokyo skyline.


But Skytree can be seen from most of Tokyo, too!


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