The huge Buddha statue in Kamakura

In the city of Kamakura, which belongs to the prefecture of Kanagawa, lies one of the most impressive Buddha statues in Japan, the “Daibutsu” 大仏.


Daibutsu statue in meditation position.

Noted for greenish color and peaceful meditation position, the bronze statue was built in the 13th century within the temple Kotokuin, measured more than 13 meters high and weighing about 93 tons. Although at the beginning was housed inside a wooden temple, but during the 15th century, a tsunami destroyed the temple and left it outdoors, as we can see today.


Daibutsu head with his peculiar greenish color.

You can pay 200 yen to have a look how it is being constructed from the inside.


Near the statue there is a huge pair of sandals that are sure to enter smoothly on his feet.


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