The famous Shibuya crossing

Everyone is excited to cross here when visiting Tokyo.

Shibuya crossing is one of the most emblematic places in Tokyo.

If the day is rainy, umbrellas fill the crossing in all directions.

The giant television screens cause a lively atmosphere.

Every day thousands of Japanese and foreigners wait until the light turns green to cross in all directions, a strange chaos of people walking that can only be enjoyed in Shibuya with flashy lights billboards and giant television screens that decorate the fronts of buildings.

Hachikou accompanied every day by its owner, a professor at the University of Tokyo.

Hachiko died in 1935 after waiting the return of its owner for 10 years.

Also in that same crossing there is a statue of the famous dog Hachikou ハチ公, and throughout the day tourists taking pictures for a souvenir.
The story of Hachiko is well known and sad at the same time. Every day Hachiko accompanied his owner to the station and waited until he returned. But one day his owner did not return because he died, but Hachiko stood there waiting for ten years until Hachiko unfortunately died. Hachiko’s loyalty earned him the sympathy of all people and is remembered with this statue.


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