Takayama, the Japanese old town

Old Town

Takayama (高山) is famous for its Old Town, a preserved area near Takayama Station. The streets are flanked with beautiful Japanese buildings dating back to Edo Period. It is a small area and can be easily covered on foot.


Takayama is a popular half-day trip to combine with Shirakawa-go.

Miyagawa Asaichi (宮川朝市, Miya River Morning Market)

Most stands at Miyagawa morning market sell farm products and crafts.

River by the morning market

Ducks floating gently in the clear river withe big golden carps swimming in it is definitely not a sight you can find in the cities.

Sarubobo - the mascot of Hida region

The otousan (お父さん, father) at the gassho-zukuri farmhouse we spent the night at told us that the grandmothers would make sarubobo by the irori (hearth) for the children to play with in the old times. It is now a favorite character of the Hida region and can be seen all over the place.


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