Spending the Night at a Gassho-zukuri Farmhouse

Yomoshiro (与茂四郎)farmhouse in Ainokura village

The Gassho-zukuri farmhouses are so called because of the unique Japanese thatched-roof construction that looks like prayer-hands.There are many farmhouses you can choose from to stay. All of them have neither private toilet nor private bathroom and the stay includes a dinner and breakfast.

Irori (囲炉裏) - Japanese hearth constructed in the floor

When we arrived, the obaasan (grandmother) was preparing the fish for our dinner. Tea and Japanese sweets were promptly served for us to have a break by the irori.

Wild vegetables dinner

I love their dinner! I have never eaten any of the wild vegetables they served. The fish that was slowly grilled at the irori over hours tasted exceptionally fragrant. The koi (carp fish) sashimi was the only dish that was less desirable for me. But overall, this was easily the best (and perhaps,the most exotic?) meal I had eaten on this trip. Dinner differs from farmhouse to farmhouse so check ahead if it’s an important factor to you. This area is famous for Hida beef so the farmhouses normally serves Hida beef for dinner. We’re not a fan of beef so this meal was perfect for us.
During dinner, the otousan (お父さん、father) made small talk, gave a little explanation on their house before popping in a documentary DVD about gassho-zukuri houses.

Two person bedroom

The futon were laid out before we finished dinner.


Breakfast the next day was excellent and very filling as well! You can leave your bags in the living room to explore the area after checking out.

All the farmhouses ranges 8000-10000yen for a night stay per person which is pricey considering you have to share the toilet and bathroom but hey, how often does one get to stay the night inside a 200 years old UNESCO world heritage?

Be careful that they actually charged extra for the drinks they offered us during dinner (note: dinner and breakfast are included in the stay).


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