Luxurious Stay at a Budget Price in Takayama -Shiki Resort Hida Takayama Sou –

Accommodation in Japan can be pricey and costs at least ¥5000 per person if you want to stay in a hotel. The rooms are spotless but often too small. I like to keep my accommodation expenses to minimum when I go traveling because after all, you’re just going to sleep and leave early in the morning. But then there are times when you do want to have a relaxing stay and to those special days, I give you Shiki Resort Hotel.

Upper: Hida Takayama Sou (飛騨高山壮) Lower: Cafeteria area

Shiki Resort’s (四季娯楽部, Shiki Gorakubu) concept is to offer resort experience at a reasonable price by cutting off excessive services. The one I stayed at this time is Hida Takayama Sou (飛騨高山壮)

Japanese&western style room

I booked a wayou shitsu (和洋室) – 和 stands for Japanese and 洋 stands for western, 室 is room; so it’s a room that combined both Japanese and Western style. So now you can get the comfort of a western-style bed with Japanese feel.

Living room with tatami flooring

Living room with tatami flooring that doubles as a bedroom when you move the table to a corner and bring out the futons (Japanese mattress) from the cupboard.
This wayou-shitsu costed around ¥23000 for the four of us which is cheap especially in Takayama where you can only find guesthouses and hostels for the same price.

Spacious bathroom

Toilets in Japan are notoriously known for being tiny but ours was huge because it was built with wheelchair-bound people in consideration. Even the bathroom was elevated to ease the process of getting into it from the wheelchair. I’m not sure if all the rooms are like this or if ours just happened to be special.

Daiyokujou (大浴場, large public bath) for women

This is their daiyokujou (大浴場, large public bath) with water from the hot-spring. I was doubtful when I first googled their pictures because the roof looked as if it was covered in mold. But turns out it was built with beautiful wood purposely made to look old that just happened to refuse to look good on camera. The daiyokujou has these cubicles and also a shower almost but not completely closed for privacy – good for shy first timers who are paranoid that others are watching them as they wash their body.

Japanese-style garden

During the daytime, you can enjoy your meal while looking out to their Japanese garden from the big glass windows/walls.

You probably won’t be able to find Shiki Resorts in the cities but give it a try when you are visiting rural tourists spots such as Hakone and Takayama!


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