Himeji Castle, the japanese old castle

Himeji Castle is deemed as one of the most spectacular castle in Japan, surviving wars and earthquakes in its original form. The castle is nicknamed ‘White Heron’ for its white exterior.

old Himeji castle map

Himeji Castle’s construction dates back to 1333 when Akamatsu Norimura decided to build a fort on top of Himeyama hill. Fire prevention is vital as Himeji Castle is built of wood.

view of SAKURA

Himeji Castle is an hour away from Osaka and I’d definitely suggest you invest some time for it if you can afford. The Japanese does a great job in preserving Himeji castle and its original interior. I was really surprised to see the contrast in Osaka Castle, where the interior is modern with shiny wood and elevators.

Hanami in Himeji Castle park

A lot of sakura trees are planted on its ground and Himeji Castle is a popular spot for hanami a.k.a cherry blossoms viewing during spring.

close up

The castle is located in Hyogo Prefecture and can be reached with a 15-minute walk from Himeji Station.

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