Hida Furukawa -Another lesser known spot for foreign tourists-

飛騨古川- Hida Furukawa

Hida Furukawa which is just 15 minutes of train ride north of Takayama is often given a miss when people travel between Shirakawa and Takayama. The main attraction of this little quaint town is the enormous 1,000 plus golden carps swimming in the Seto canal . During winter (December to March), the carps are kept at a nearby lake as the canal is used to drain the piled up snow. The carps are released in the canal again with the help of local volunteers when the weather becomes warm. I went in early November but the carps were already kept away because the weather got cold faster this year 🙁 .

飛騨コロッケ本舗 - Hida Korokke Honpoi

The famous korokke from Hida Korokke Main Branch. For this korokke, the renowned (and expensive) Hida beef is used, allowing the tourists to have a taste of Hida beef without having to bleed their wallet – ¥210.


There’s a popular activity highly ranked on TripAdvisor called Hida Satoyama Cycling where a guide brings you cycling through the beautiful scenery of the Japanese countryside for ¥7,300 per person. Personally, the price is way too expensive so I was planning to rent a bicycle from Miyakawa Renta Saikuru Miyakawa Taxi (宮川レンタサイクル宮川タクシー) nearby who seems to renting out bicycles for ¥200 an hour, ¥1000 a day. However it was raining when I went so I never got to try out whether exploring without a guide is just as good.


Hida Furukawa, I shall be back!


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