Ghibli Museum at Mitaka

Rejoice Ghibli fans! I’m here to let you know that there is a museum dedicated to Ghibli in Tokyo! For those of you who are wondering what Ghibli is – move along, this article is worthless to you. 🙂

ghibli 1

Totoro reception is there to greet you when you enter. There are several makkurokurosuke in the walls all over the museum like in the photo above. Look out for them! Aaand there’s no designated route provided for you to check out the museum because they want to you to get lost while exploring!

ghibli 2

Some of the highlights include having the opportunity to see this 5m golem from Castle in the Sky (天空の城ラピュタ) on the rooftop, getting to watch a mini Ghibli movie which is only available inside the museum, and being able to touch and read the scripts (copy) used to make the movies *gasp*.

The first thing you should know if you are planning a visit to Ghibli Museum Mitaka is that you MUST buy the tickets in advance. And by advance I mean one month beforehand because the tickets are sold out pretty quickly. Unlike the normal attractions where you can just show up at the place, line up and get a ticket in, entrance to Ghibli Museum Mitaka is strictly by advance reserved tickets.

If you are buying from Japan there are two ways that I know of. One is the official way where you buy from Lawson (a convenience store which can be found all over in Japan). If you’re over 19 years old, the ticket should cost you 1000yen tax included (as of August 2014). There are four entry times per day for you to choose from: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm. As you get to stay as long as you like once you’re in (until the closing time obviously), it’s better to go early as it only gets more and more crowded. Your ticket becomes invalid if you are late for more than 30 minutes. For more details on how to buy the tickets from Lawson, you can check out their English guide here: (

The second way which should also be your last resort – is to bid from Yahoo Japan auction. This is what I did when I failed to get the tickets from Lawson 2 weeks before I wanted to go. It irks me to no end that there are heartless people out there who buy the tickets in bundles from Lawson to resell them for thrice the original price on yahoo auction. Shame on them! Save yourself the trouble and frustration and buy early at Lawson. And with the money you saved, take a break at Ghibli’s café inside the museum.

ghibli 3

If you are buying from overseas, they have oversea agents for certain countries which you can check out here: (

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This is what you get when you exchange your Lawson coupon at the museum. Truly a ticket befitting of Ghibli museum.

Good luck and Barusu!


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