Fuji Q Highland -The Amusement Park for Thrill Seekers-

富士急ハイランド- Fuji Q Highland

Fuji Q Highland is heaven for peeps like me who craves the exhilaration roller coasters offer. All four main roller coasters holds some kind of world record. Fujiyama was once the tallest roller coaster. Dodonpa, boasts the world’s highest acceleration 172 km/h and was once the fastest coaster as well. Takabisha has a 121°free fall (you would think 90°was scary enough). Eejanaika, (the last boss of the theme park) is a 4th dimension roller coaster where the seats rotate 360°. I didn’t know there are so many elements you can tweak with roller coasters!

Mt Fuji

Of all the amusement parks in Japan, Fuji Q Highland represents Japan best. First of all, Japan’s iconic Mt Fuji is literally in the background of the amusement park, reminding you of its presence every time you look up. And of course you have the all these super high tech roller coasters apt to show cast Japan’s world class technology. The mascot which consists of five rangers embodies Japan’s humor culture as well.


And of course, you have the Evangelion (one of the most successful and influential anime in the 1990s) world.

View from ferris-wheel

Illumination, a good way to put a cap on your adrenaline high day

The most important factor to consider when going to Fuji Q Highland is the weather, as most rides are stopped for safety reasons when the wind is strong.


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