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Bamboo forest

Arashiyama is my favourite place to go in Kyoto – plenty of things to see and do.

渡月橋- Togetsukyou which literally translates to moon crossing bridge

Togetsukyou is an iconic landmark of Arashiyama and it is rumored that couples who cross the bridge together will break up *shrieks*.

Quaint souvenir shops

You can find plenty of souvenir shops and restaurants to browse nearby Tenryuuji temple, the most splendid and largest temple in Arashiyama.

Tea break

Matcha green tea and Japanese style sweets
When you’re tired, take a break and have a traditional set of matcha green tea and wagashi (Japanese style sweets) at one of their little open cafes.

Bountiful temples

The best way to get to Arashiyama is definitely by train. It’s only a 15-minute train ride from Kyoto Station by JR line. I took the bus once and it felt like an eternity (45 minutes) because we got caught in a traffic jam (which happens frequently in Kyoto).

Have fun!


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Teng from Malaysia, is a graduate student studying in Aichi-ken.

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