Ainokura -The most remote gassho village-

Ainokura village

Ainokura is the most remote gassho-zukuri village in Gokayama region, 45-minute car/bus ride from Ogimachi.

Cute bus stop - Ainokura-guchi

Ainokura village is a 5 minute walk from this stop. All gassho-zukuri village offer a unique atmosphere; Ogimachi is big and lively with many shops and tourists, Suganuma sits peacefully by the river bank, Ainokura is up up on a hill often covered in mist.


It has around 20 gassho-zukuri farmhouses. When I went for a walk at night, I only spot a couple of other tourists. In the morning, tourist buses start rolling in after 10am.


I was like ‘What is this cute building?’ and it turned out to be a toilet haha.


The original gassho-zukuri house with roofs that reach the ground. The roofs are built in this slanting manner to withstand the region’s heavy snow.


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