A Day in Kamakura

Kamakura is like a mini Kyoto, much more compact, albeit less majestic. Bamboo forest, path lined with torii (traditional Japanese gate), shopping street are all within walking distance from Kamukura station.

Here’s how you can spend a day in Kamakura without getting an overdose of shrines and temples. Try this route which is one of the recommended courses by Rurubu, a travel magazine in Japan.

Sasuke Inari Jinja (shrine) – Zeni Arai Benzaiten Uga Fuku Jinja (shrine) – Genji Yama Kouen (park) – Jufuku-ji (temple) – Eishou-ji (temple) – Komachi-doori (shopping street)

Sasuke Inari Jinja 佐助稲荷神社
The red toriis may remind some of the Fushimi Inari shrine (伏見稲荷大社) in Kyoto.


A path lined with toriis

Zeni Arai Benzaiten Uga Fuku Jinja 銭洗弁財天宇賀福神社
This is a popular shrine where both Japanese and tourists alike come to wash their money (zeni arai means coin washing). It is rumored that money washed with the holy water from this shrine will double and thus, it is common to see people washing pieces of paper money here.


A cave entrance and the process of washing money

Eishou-ji 英勝寺
It’s relaxing and soothing to walk under the bamboo forest.


Bamboo forest

Komachi-doori  小町通り
Komachi-doori is flanked with numerous cafés as well as many small stores and browsing through them in the evening when the street is lit up is a perfect way to end your Kamakura trip.


A shopping street in the evening


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