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Travelling in Japan is child’s play – if you know Japanese. And unfortunately the tip I’m sharing today is also more helpful if you can read Japanese.

資料請求 <shiryou seikyuu> 


Each area in Japan has a tourism association and you can request for information of the prefecture/town you are visiting through their official homepage. Most of the time, there is a 資料請求 (information request) button for you to click at the corner and it’ll bring you to a page to fill out your name and address. Within a week, a hefty envelope with all sorts of pamphlets and brochures should arrive. Free of charge, of course.

Shirakawa-go pamphlets

Shirakawa-go pamphlets

I find the maps especially useful because I am not going to print a huge map like that in color by myself but having it is really lets me have a clearer idea of where everything is so I can plan the flow of the trip better. As they include information of nearby areas as well, sometimes I chance upon an intriguing local event or a good side trip spot that I missed out on the internet.

Ishikawa pamphlets

Ishikawa pamphlets

They do try to enclose as many English pamphlets as possible for foreigners but as there aren’t many pamphlets in English to begin with, it may not amount to much.

Did you know?
You can also call the tourism association (the numbers are listed on their official homepage) for information as well. Don’t want to make the long and expensive trip only to find the sakura half-blossomed? Call ahead to check the condition!


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