Plastic bags for umbrella

On rainy days in Japan, at the entrances of buildings such as department stores or offices, there are a few systems adapted to prevent the dripping water from the umbrella to wet the floor. It is handy and practical to prevent dirtying the floor or accidental slipping.


A plastic bag dispenser at the entrance of a department store.

Among the most commonly used system, is an elongated plastic bag dispenser to wrap up the umbrella.
Just insert the umbrella into the dispenser tube, and the umbrella will be nicely wrapped up.
At times you may find normal plastic bags instead to wrap the umbrella manually. It’s useful especially for folding umbrella and those that do not fit into the plastic dispenser.


In this manner we put the umbrella and is covered with the plastic bag.

Of course, there is also a wastebasket where we dispose the used plastic bag when leaving the building.


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