Manga Cafe!

You’ve got to tip your hat to the Japanese for coming up with a unique and interesting creation – the manga café!
Maybe you’re looking for a place to bunk in for the night and you don’t happen to know anyone, then you’re in luck!

Manga cafes usually have big neon lights to stand out more

Manga cafes usually have big neon lights to stand out more

These 24 hour establishments are so convenient and luxurious, in fact people actually live in them – literally.

Japanese internet cafes, also known as manga cafes offer comfort and a semblance of privacy. They have a variety of food to choose from, drinks, showers, internet, and usually a large array of manga, magazines, books, movies, and video games.

Also, some offer other forms of entertainment such as billiards and darts. Some even sell art supplies. Not bad right?

The entrance of a manga cafe

The entrance of a manga cafe

Some people stay for a significant period of time. One might wonder why? There are a lot of reasons but it mainly boils down to convenience. Many find the cafes a much better alternative to an expensive apartment especially for those wanting to stay short term.

With all the requirements needed to rent an apartment like term key money, deposit fees, agent fees, and the like, no wonder many find it a really good alternative.

Another reason why young Japanese opt to stay in these cafes is the price, it’s usually around a couple hundred yen to a thousand yen a night, not bad if you’re the type that doesn’t want to be tied to one place.

Some cafes usually have massage chairs like this one

Some cafes usually have massage chairs like this one

So if you’re a hardcore manga lover, here’s your chance to bask in thousands of Japanese manga and just spend your time reading the manga of your choice. Or if you’re just looking for your own private space and you’re too lazy to hike to who knows where. Or you’re someone who wants to take a quick snooze then this for you.

Unlimited movies, video games and your own personal space, no wonder why it’s so alluring. It kind of feels like home don’t you think? Why not give it a try.

Guest post by David Balway.


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