Japanese Keyboard Layout

Some hotel or guesthouse provide computers for their guest to surf the net or have a quick video call with their family back home. Sometimes, the foreign guests are surprised by the computer’s keyboard.

Let’s have a look at the Japanese keyboard layout. Did you noticed any differences?

jpn 1

Typical Japanese keyboard layout.

Typical international keyboard layout

Typical international keyboard layout

Some of the things you may noticed when using a Japanese layout keyboard.

  • More characters are imprinted on the keys.
  • Additional and unfamiliar keys.
  • Some keys are placed differently, especially the symbols.
  • Smaller size, like Space Bar and Shift key.

    jpn 2

    There are more keys on the right-side compared to the international layout.

    us 2

    The layout may varies slightly depending on the manufacturer.

    A few common setbacks would be….

  • Instead of pressing [Shift 2] for the Alias @ key, on the Japanese keyboard the key is located close to the Enter key.
  • Typing underscore “__” can be tricky as the key is located next to the [right-Shift] key instead of the [-] key.
  • To type Apostrophe or Single Quotation Mark , press [Shift 7].

    The Japanese keyboard is modified to suit the Japanese’s input style according to the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). It may be slightly inconvenient for those who are not used to the layout, so please take some time and try it out.


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