ID photo machines everywhere.

Someone using a ID photo machine.

Sometimes there are even several machines together, although it is difficult to see people queuing to use them.

In Japan it is surprising that so many ID photo machines. Very few times have I seen anyone use these machines, but if exist many machines is because the business works.
At stations, beside coin lockers, at the entrance of malls … If you need to take your picture for any legal process or curriculum, don’t worry because it is easy to find one of these machines.

Usually these are the formats you can choose from.

Inside the machine is the camera and screen for instructions.

We sat on the stool, adjusted it to the required height and everything ready for taking pictures.

We can choose the perfect format to use for ID card, passport or driving license for example.
The price is usually between 600 and 800 yen, and the operation is quite easy if we follow the instructions. In a few minutes we will have the photos to freshly made.


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