How to Pick the Perfect Fuji Apple

Most of you have probably heard of the reputed Fuji apple and in this article I would like to share some tips I got from a farmer at an apple farm on how to choose the nicest Fuji apple!

1) The apple should be balanced and symmetry like in the photo – not lop-sided. The bigger, the better.

Fuji apple has reddish stripes over a yellow background.

Fuji apple has reddish stripes over a yellow background.

2) Check to make sure the bottom of the apple is either yellow or red – not green.

3) The skin should be rough, not smooth, like in the picture – such a surprise for me as I always go for the smoothest apples because they seem healthier.

Here’s how the Fuji apple trees at the farm I went look like – the apples grow from “weeping” branches. It’s my first time seeing a real apple tree and it’s so different from my image of a sturdy leafy tree with red apples scattered across it. I’m not sure if all Fuji apple trees are like this or if the ones at the fruit farm has been especially modified it so that the visitors can pick the apples easier.

Fuji apple tree

Fuji apple tree

Did you know?
Contrary to popular belief, Fuji apples are not named after Mount Fuji; they are named after Fujisaki city in Aomori prefecture where Fuji apple was developed as a cross between two American apple varieties, Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Genet.


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