Drink Vending Machines


Two vending machines separated by a few meters.

Everywhere you look around, there is a vending machine for drinks. On the street, in buildings, in railway stations, in hotels … Where there are people, there is a vending machine. It is estimated that more than 5 million of these machines exist… which means each vending machine serves around 20 people.

The are various reasons why is it so popular. For example, one can get a drink easily and quickly with it, and people appreciate it greatly especially during summer where drinks can be purchased almost anywhere.


A modern digital vending machine drinks.

These machines sell soda, beer, water, coffee, tea … and usually have the option of hot or cold (in the case of coffee or tea, of course) .
Lately, we can see many digital machines with touch screens and it make our purchase even more enjoyable. The machine accepts coins, bills, and even prepaid cards that are used to travel by train. Some comes with a bin to throw consumed cans or plastic bottles. This is very useful, because in Japan it is difficult to find a trash can down the street.


A small vending machine with a compartment for throwing cans and bottles used.


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