Surgical Mask Fever

Once my friends asked me, why do the Japanese wear surgical mask when they see many of them wearing it when it is quite impossible for all of them are doctors.

In Japan, wearing a surgical mask is a very common thing you would see in daily life which has become one of the Japanese’s cultures. In the train, at the street, in the school, it’s everywhere.

Mask comes in different varieties...

Mask comes in different varieties…

Of course, as this surgical mask is a need for Japanese, it is sold in every convenient store in Japan.

There are many reasons why a Japanese wear surgical mask.

  • To prevent the germ from spreading around from someone who is having a fever or cough.

From just this reason, you can tell that how considerate is the Japanese to the people around. Sometimes, they will still wear it even when they are just thinking themselves are having a fever soon. When you ask why, they answer “迷惑かけたくないから” (I don’t want to cause trouble). How considerate~

  • To prevent catching germ for the others who are having fever or cough.
  • To filter the air for those who are having pollinosis (花粉症, hay fever) especially during spring season which is the cherry blossom season.
  • To keep your face warm from the cold weather especially during winter.
  • To look good without much hard work.

This last reason is quite interesting and only apply to mostly girls. As you know, Japanese girls like making up and dressing up so that they will look nice everywhere they go. Well of course, no hard work no gain. They spend a lot of times on making up every morning before school or work which cause them sometimes to get lazy. But they still want to look good. So they came up with a solution, that is, only make up the eyes and wear a surgical mask to cover the non-make-up part. And this can save up the hard work and still make them look good.

Some of the masks are scented while some are slightly wet.

Some of the masks are scented while some are slightly wet.

Guest post by FuWei.


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