Garbage collection

The Japanese take garbage treatment very seriously, as they demand the cooperation from every citizens in order to keep their cities clean.


This is a very large space to leave the garbage because it belongs to two blocks of apartments.

The rules of garbage disposal varies depending on the city’s policy, like they only collect a specific type of garbage on certain days. Usually, the garbage must be separated into specific categories, like organic, aluminum can, glass, plastic etc.


In this pamphlet all information relating to the days, times and manner of depositing trash detailed.

The local municipalities provide instruction to the citizens to inform them the days of garbage collection, how and where to dispose them, and some even specify the type of plastic bags that they only accept for garbage collection.

Close to each housing area, there’s an assigned spot for garbage collection. The spot is usually covered with a net to keep the bags together and preventing animals from rummaging the garbage.


These nets are to put under the garbage bags.

The complexity of garbage disposal rules frequently caused confusion among the foreigners in Japan, especially those who just arrived recently. However, once get used to it, it feels just like a daily routine.


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