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Coming of age day dressing kimono.

In the Seijin no hi all kimonos are wonderful.

In Japan there is a very special day for young people to wear some spectacular kimonos, in celebration of majority called Seijin no hi 成人の日.

The Furisode is characterized by its long sleeves.

Obi's knots are very striking.

Although most girls wear kimono, most guys wear formal suit and few wear kimonos.

This day is essential to wear Hakama with the kimono.

At the age of 20 years Japanese people can already drinking, smoking and vote. Japanese people born between April last year and March this year that marks the 20th anniversary, happily participate in this celebration. It is common to wear traditional kimonos, girls dress Furisode, and guys also used kimono with a kind of skirt called Hakama. When hundreds of young people come together with these kimonos a unique visual spectacle occurs during the year. Many shouts and chants are heard, and joy is the main trend.

Hundreds of young people gather together to municipalities.

That day in municipalities there is an event called Seijinshiki成人式 in which the mayor made a talk to young people about the most important values to consider now that they are adults.


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