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Children and soccer.

Several children trying to steal the ball from an opponent.

Although Japan’s most popular sport is baseball, children also love soccer.
In some football matches between teams of children, even if they are so young, they are taught to respect the opponent. They greet before and after each match and during the match is difficult to hear complaints, insults or squabbling.

Referees and players gather to greet before and after the game.

Of course mothers encourage their children throughout the game.

Mothers of children encourage young players with constant screaming, although in general the public is fairly quiet and confined simply to watch the game being very polite, although compared European or Latin American soccer, the atmosphere is quite cold.

The desired moment, scoring a goal.

Team spirit is very important in soccer.

Best of all is that the kids really enjoy playing soccer and are pretty good although in Japan this sport is relatively new.


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