Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show, also known as TGS is organized once every year in Japan. The Tokyo Game show is a 4 days exhibition on games from games software and hardware development companies like Square Enix, Capcom, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. It has a very long history and already been organized for 24 times since 1996. The venue is at Makuhari Messe, Chiba and more than 200 thousands of visitors had visited the game show every years since 2010.

Tokyo Game Show1

This year’s main attraction is Psycho Break

The exhibition has more than 300 games-related company and have more than hundreds of booths every year. There, you can watch the promotion videos of the soon-to-be-release games title, try out trial version of some games (you got to play like for 7 minutes of the game, while have to wait in lines for about 50 minutes) and even catch up with the newest gaming hardware like the new headmount device from Oculus.

Tokyo Game Show5

Cute wartime cats!

You will also get lots of flyers from those gaming company to read on about the release schedule of their games/gaming hardware, and sometime stickers, A4 clear holders and even badges.

Tokyo Game Show6

Lots of stuffs to read on for the newest games information!

Another big point of the Tokyo Game show is that you got to see some very pretty show girls hired by those gaming company to get your attention to their booth. And those who have an interest in cosplaying as their favorite gaming character will also show up randomly on the exhibition hall. There is also a specific area for cosplayers to get in touch with other cosplayers and taking each other’s photos~

Tokyo Game Show3

Pretty cop cosplayer for some booth

Tokyo Game Show2

Show girls from God Eater2. Had you played God Eater before?

Although most of the visitor to the Tokyo Game Show is Japanese, in the recent years, there are more and more visitors from oversea who travel to Japan just to attend this special event once every year! You will be able to purchase a ticket to Tokyo Game Show through internet and get the ticket in PDF that you can print it out easily.

Lastly, you might also get a chance to take a two-shot photo with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII!

Tokyo Game Show4

Two shot with Cloud Strife.


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