Owl Cafe

Cat cafe is here

Besides cat cafes, owl cafes are slowly popping up in Japan as well.

Each owl seems to have a permanent expression etched onto their fluffy face

The shop I went to is called “Fukurou ni Aeru Mise -「Fuwa Fuwa」” (フクロウに会える店「ふわふわ」) which means “The shop where you can meet owls「fluffy」).

I suppose every shop has different systems. For this shop, it was 1500yen for one hour – for the first 10 minutes, the staff brief on how to pat the owls and whatnots, next 40 minutes you can take pictures, pat, and put them on your hand/shoulder/head as many times as you want, and last 10 minutes pictures only and no touching as the owls need a break before the next batch of customers come.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t hurt at all when the owls stand on my bare hand/finger

I decided against my urge to put them on my head or shoulders as owls cannot be potty trained and I don’t want poop stains on my clothes while I still have a full day outside ahead of me. They pooped several times onto the floor even as I was holding them on my hand.

Adorable tiny owls

There was a counter with seats and two fences where the owls are tied to on separate sides of the room. When holding the tiny owls, we were asked to not go to the other side of the room as these tiny owls feel stressed when the big ones are nearby.

The big guys

They may look menacing but some give you the most blissful face when patted.


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