Lexus Intersect Tokyo

Lexus is well known for making luxury cars, and yet some folks may not realized that it is related to Toyota, one of the largest car manufacturer in the world. To further boost the brand, they opened a special Lexus-themed boutique within the trendy downtown of Aoyama, Tokyo.

Intersect 1

The entrance

If you’re lucky, you may find concept car displayed at the main gallery.

Intersect 2

A Lexus concept car.

In recent years Lexus has been trying to realign the brand’s image, more than just a carmaker.

Intersect 4

Various shots of Lexus cars

If you are into mechanical engineering, you will appreciate this wall by the stairs.

Intersect 3

These are real components taken from various models.

While the first floor houses the cafe, the second floor is a lounge-style restaurant that serves lunch and dinner.

Intersect 5

Cozy lounge at the second floor.

It’s sort of a hidden gem in Tokyo as it’s located further away from the main avenues. Even if you may not fancy cars or the brand, no harm to check out this unique boutique cafe.

Lexus Intersect Tokyo
4-21-26 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062


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