Interesting Products in Japan 1 (Nyu-yoku Kareshi)

Japan is undeniable one of the most advanced country in the world. At the same time, I think that Japan is also the most interesting/funny/weird (whatever you like to call it) country in the world. Here is one of the products I encountered when I’m shopping around Tokyo during my holiday.

Intesting Products1

Nyu-yoku Kareshi, which literally meant bathing boyfriend.

Yes, Nyu-yoku Kareshi (入浴彼氏). Seriously, they are selling boyfriend to take a bath with you. Well, actually it is the body smell of your imaginary boyfriend or maybe the perfume used by your imaginary boyfriend (I will leave it up to your imagination). These Nyu-yoku Kareshi are actually bath water mixes which sometimes in the form of mineral salts or dissolvable tablet. You pop the tablet into your hot bathing water and it will fill it with minerals and fragrant.

Intesting Products2

A hot Ikemen for your bath time?

The caption on the package wrote “Aren’t you looked a bit tired? It’s okay, you can just relax… I can help you wash your body”. Guess lots of 腐女子 (Fujyoshi) will get attracted by this product because of this Ikemen. Oh, by the way, this pack of Nyu-yoku Kareshi contains 3 packets of bath salts of rosemary fragrant and it only cost you 800 Yen! (While normal bath salts whithout this Ikemen package only cost you 300 Yen for 3 packets. Good job on products packaging, Japan!)


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