Bunny Cafe

Cat cafe is here


At first I thought there would be bunnies hopping around the shop, kind of like how cats roam around freely in cat cafes. But I guess bunnies are too fragile to be left outside; they were all in cages.

Have you seen anything so fluffy that you can’t even see the eyes?

I know how bunnies can be smelly but surprisingly the shop does not have any trace of smell. *applause*

In this particular shop I went, I get to snuggle the bunnies I like each for 10 minutes.

Lion lop is the cutest, fluffiest bunny ever!

Lion lop – the perfect combi of cute ears from the lop eared rabbit and the fluffy fur from the lion breed.


The shop doubles as a bunny cafe and also as a bunny pet shop.


About Teng

Teng from Malaysia, is a graduate student studying in Aichi-ken.

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