Alice In Wonderland Theme Restaurant

One of the not-to-missed-out when you come to Japan is to visit the themed restaurants. Recently, I have visited the Alice In Wonderland theme restaurant (at last!) located at the west of Shinjuku JR station. Do you know that there is not only one but 5 Alice restaurants around Tokyo and 1 in Osaka? All of the restaurants have different concepts and decorations based on the Walt Disney animation. The themed restaurant serves casual French and Italian cuisine, which are decorated into famous characters like the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit and many more.

I am not sure about you but for me, entering a themed restaurant felt like entering an imaginary world. With the Queen’s Garden seats lining up in front of me, I feel like I am ready to play some flamingo croquet!

Alice in Wonderland 1

The waitress in blue Alice costume ushered us to our booth seat at the Mad Hatter Tea Party at the other corner of the restaurants decorated with pink hearts and vintage chairs.

Alice in Wonderland 2

Alice in Wonderland 3

Alice in Wonderland 4

I like to visit themed restaurant/café. For me, it is the same like visiting the theme park, only without the crazy rides but pretty and amusing foods. However do not put high expectation on the food because most of them are either mediocre or lower than expectation. However, it is still fun to see the pretty decorations and to be amazed when the food is served right?

Unfortunately, I was not aware of the restaurant’s siesta hour, which left us limited time to explore and take photos and limited food to choose from the menu. But still we managed to try out teatime platter of Alice and Caterpillar Tea Hat with cocktail drinks.

Alice in Wonderland 5

Turnout, the food taste great and beyond my expectations. Japan always has a way to make their food taste great despite any food genre, which applied to themed restaurants as well.

The caterpillar look-alike was made of matcha roll cake topped with whipped cream and raspberries. I am not a big fan of swiss roll filling but this one taste just right by not being too sweet. The Alice cracker looked impressive as decoration but taste nothing special. Next, inside the teacup was some cocktail fruits and the white thing on the right side is marshmallow dipped with chocolate serving as a hat. The red and green sauces were actually kiwi and strawberry jam that I like a lot.

Overall everything was great on the food but I would be happier if the portion was increased a little bit more for the price paid.

Here are other food molds that we were not able to try. Look how adorable are they!

Alice in Wonderland 6

Alice in Wonderland 7

Would I want to visit this place again? No.
Would I visit the other 5 branches of Alice Restaurants? Yes.
Would I recommend to foreign visitors? Yes if you have never been to any.
I will try to avoid their siesta hour on my next visit and you must too! 😀
Halloween is around the corner so why not indulge yourself in something you might not try on normal days? I heard they have special Halloween menus…… (smirk)

Link: Alice’s Fantasy Restaurants (Japanese)

Guest post by Sharon.


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