Taiyaki – sweet fish in Japan

The shape of Taiyaki is bream.

In Japan there are many traditional sweets, and one of the most famous and delicious is certainly the Taiyaki.

In front of customers the Taiyaki are cooked on a griddle.

The banner with the word Taiyaki and drawn fish indicates that we are in the right place to eat one.

It really is a simple sweet, as it is just a pancake in which inside traditionally puts azuki, a sweet paste made with red beans, although we can find other types of fillings.
Normally there are small shops that produce this sweet, and sometimes we can find roadside stands.

Azuki filling is delicious.

Ideally eaten piping hot when it is freshly made. Really taste is delicious, and in the winter is a good way to get your hands warm while you eat.


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