Sushi! (Part 1)

Here is Sushi! (Part 2).

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, most people would immediately thought of either sushi or ramen.
Today, let me introduce you to some common sushi which you should try when you get the chance!


Who can resist this sushi set?

Though it may not be common for some to consume uncooked, raw fish, nevertheless it’s worth to try it out if you ever visit Japan.

For starters, it is safe to try out some fish you’re familiar with, like for example, Salmon which is quite common among the Western countries.



… and since you’ve tried salmon and enjoyed it, why not try out salmon’s egg, Ikura?


Ikura – salmon roe

Maguro, tuna is probably one of the most popular sushi among the Japanese.


Maguro – tuna

If you are looking for something more filling, some of the sushi restaurant serves a variety of seafood in a rice bowl, called Kaisendon.


Seafood rice bowl


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