Meronpan, a bun shaped melon

The “Meronpan(メロンパン)” is a typical Japanese sweet bread with a rounded shape that resembles the shape of a melon.


A couple of Meronpans packages.

The outer layer is typically crisp, and the inside is spongy.
As is typical of Japanese people when something like much like to have variety, and Meronpan is no exception. Although shaped melon does not have to have that flavor. We can find chocolate chips in the outer layer or also filled with some kind of cream. More or less usually costs about 100 yen, and we can buy in any supermarket, convenience store, or bakery etc…


This is normal and chocolate chip outer layer.

The truth is that although it may seem a simple sweet confection, is delicious.


That is the spongy inside of a Meronpan.


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