Houtou in Yamanashi

Have you heard about houtou(ほうとう)? [ Info from wikipudia]” It is a popular regional dish originating from Yamanashi, Japan made by stewing flat udon noodles and vegetables (specially pumpkin) in miso soup.

Though houtou is commonly recognized as variant of udon, locals don not consider it to be an udon dish because the dough is prepared in the style of dumplings rather than noodles.”
If you`ve ever been to the Mt.Fuji area, you`ve no doubtfully seen or tried the houtou there. There are several restaurants which serve this dish and the one that I have been is Houtou Fudou( ほうとう不動 ) at 東恋路店.

Spot the Mt.Fuji!!

Houtou Fudoh has three branches and the one I have been is constructed like an igloo which is designed by Takeshi Hosaka Architects. Awesome food and awesome building I experienced near Kawaguchi Lake. The traditional dishes and the portions are generous.

The entrance is opened to the outdoor air.

Houtou is served in a big iron pot and you can see there are squarish metal things,similar to a trivet which is placed under the hot iron pot. The noodles are thick and chewy.
As winter approaches, nothing beats a simmering hot pot to warm your body .Must try it when you go to Yamanashi!!

The dish is nice, and you`ll definitely fall in love with the exteior and the interior of the restaurant as well. I like how the building looks and the beautiful wooden furniture inside the restaurant. If the weather is good and the sky is clear you can see Mt.Fuji from the restaurant.

How it looks inside.


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