Canned Coffee Drink

In Japan, a coffee at a cafe is a little pricey, but luckily there is a cheaper and original way to drink coffee: canned drink.


A couple of coffee cans with gifts.

Known as “kan koohii” (缶コーヒー) offer a wide variety: coffee with milk, black coffee, with sugar, a little sweet, no sugar … and even for dieting. Stand for very eye-catching designs in both forms of the cans and their colors or designs. Sometimes they are accompanied by small gifts attached to its top and even special editions that are often related manga(cartoons) series are released.


Section coffee cans in a supermarket.

Depending on location, you can buy more or less between 50 and 140 yen in any drinks vending machines, in supermarkets, convenience stores or small grocery stores located in subway stations or train. Both in vending machines and in stores, have a section of hot drinks in which there are often some of these cans.


Some coffee cans with very bright colors and reliefs.


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