A Blend of Colors, Sushi Cake

Something inexplicably yummy

Something inexplicably yummy

Anyone living in the four corners of the world knows what Sushi (寿司) is. Ingredients and forms of Sushi presentation vary widely, making the popularity of Sushi skyrocket at an unprecedented pace in just a few decades. I’m a sushi lover, so patronizing shops in Malaysia and Singapore, especially in Japan, The Sushi Kingdom, is like a norm me and my friends have come to terms with. The influx of new Sushi from overseas has completely redefined what Sushi is.

One thing that has gone viral on the Japanese online cookbooks nowadays is the infamous Sushi cake. Contemporary sushi molded into a shape of cake with layers of Neta (ネタ) and vinegar rice sandwich in between. A blend of East and West, the Sushi Cake has garnered respect. Traditionally, the minimalist and fussy nature of the Japanese trying so desperately to maintain “Harmony” (和) by presenting small amounts of Sushi on a geometric plate was the big game. The cake however does the opposite, it offers a wider mix and selection of ingredients (ネタ) to your own liking in a big bitesize chunk. Making one is absurdly easy, the presentation is almost similar to Chirashi Zushi (ちらし寿司) which also has Kinshi Tamago (錦糸卵), toasted nori flakes and shrimp toppings, so fiddle away. The addition of gooey Sushi Vinegar glues everything in place, creating a new generic delicacy. Cuts of smoked salmon, sliced cucumber and avocados are often used to “ice” the cake and also to innovatively create a tricolor glisten.

With the rising trend and fizzy furor the current sushi industry is experiencing, it wouldn’t be surprising how many cooking enthusiasts might eventually cook up something mind-blowingly new. Who knows, you might even get a Sushi Cake on your birthday night someday.


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