Little Things about Kimono

Komon (小紋)- a type of kimono

Komon (小紋)- a type of kimono

Kimono is truly a garment that represents the values etched deep within the Japanese women hearts – thoughtfulness, daintiness and being considerate for others. Here are three lil’ things about kimono that I’d like to share with you guys today.

1) The seductive collar

Did you notice how the collar don’t sit against the neck?

Did you notice how the collar don’t sit against the neck?

The kimono collar is shaped in a way such that it accentuates the nape, which is considered irresistibly attractive by Japanese men in the past. The layer underneath the kimono, nagajuban (長襦袢) has a slightly harder collar that helps to retain the shape. Personally, this is my favourite part of a kimono! Never crossed my mind such a subtle touch can add so much to the elegance of a kimono.

2) Obi – the kimono sash

Obi (帯)- the sash worn with kimono

Obi (帯)- the sash worn with kimono

The intricate, dainty details found on the kimono obi is something you don’t find on the yukata obi. The pretty red rope (obi-age) sitting on top of the obi is to ‘spare’ other people from having to see the unsightly ropes underneath, which otherwise can be seen through the gap between the obi and the garment. This is part of the Japanese way of being thoughtful for other people. I can really feel the Japanese values are oozing from every inch of the kimono. Fyi, obi-age is usually more tucked into the obi but I took the liberty of taking it out a bit so that it’s more noticeable from the picture – my part of being thoughtful for you dear readers. You’re welcome (o≧▽゜)σ

3) Socks & Sandals

Zori (草履)- footwear worn with kimono  Tabi (足袋)- socks worn with zori

Zori (草履)- footwear worn with kimono
Tabi (足袋)- socks worn with zori

Seriously. Kimono is the only garment in the world that becomes more tasteful by wearing socks with sandals. Japan, Japan, you never fail to amaze me. Now I can’t imagine having my toes pointing out underneath the elegant kimono!

Did you know?
According to the kimono shop lady, the nape fetish DNA still runs strong in Japanese men nowadays ;) ~The more you know~


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