The Festival of Tanabata


Hundreds of people walking along a street decorated with bamboo.

The most popular festival in summer in Japan is the festival of stars, is known as Tanabata Matsuri 七夕祭.


A girl dressed in Yukata placing a Tanzaku with a wish.

The encounter between two stars, symbolizing the Princess Orihime and Hikoboshi pastor, according to a Chinese legend that they can only meet once a year as they are separated by a river of stars is celebrated.
Although the festival is on July 7, depending on the place it may be held any weekend in July or August.


A big Kusudama.

The typical decoration for this festival are bamboo trunks in which some colored paper called Tanzaku where people write their wishes are hung. Also some big balls called Kusudama, although there are square or in other shapes.


Some shows are traditional dances.

This party can last several days, and in every city different shows are performed. Like any Japanese summer festival, there are food and drink stalls with all kinds of typical Japanese food.


The stalls are always in the summer festivals.


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