Male Children’s Day


Hundreds of carp-shaped flags hanging over the river. Takadabashi, Sagamiharashi. May, 2014.

Like the girls have a special day of celebration on March 3rd, the Hinamatsuri(ひなまつり), May 5th is the day of celebration for boys, the day known as “Kodomo no Hi” 子どもの日.
Everywhere we find a species of carp-shaped flags called “Koinobori” representing each child, wishing that children grow strong and healthy, represented by the energy with which carp trying to trace the course of the river.


A child on the shoulders of his father plays very cheerful one koinobori. Takadabashi, Sagamiharashi. May 2014.

Indeed in many rivers hundreds of these kites are hung, and waving is spectacular to see them when the wind blows hard, with their beautiful colors and fascinating movements, watched by the whole family while eating on the shore.


The whole family enjoying the children’s day by the river. Takadabashi, Sagamiharashi. May,2014.


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