Kamakura Fireworks Festival

Kamakura fireworks festival is an awesome summer event for all people, young or old, and especially for photographers whether you are an amateur or a professional. The appealing point of this Kamakura fireworks festival is that the fireworks are released underwater and in the air. You can see half of the firework explosions on the surface of the water consecutively in a variety of colors. Then the other fireworks are released high up into the sky, giving the full display of fireworks accompanied by loud booms of the explosions.

Fireworks in slow motion

Different kinds of fireworks

Capturing the colors of a firework

One advice to foreigners and tourists who plan to see these fireworks is to arrive a few hours prior to the event. You may want to bring a picnic mat and bottles of drinks with you so you can find a nice spot on the sandy beach to enjoy the fireworks displays.
Once you have chosen a good spot, place your picnic mat and use the bottles of drinks to hold it steady against the wind. In Japan, it’s a common etiquette to respect each other’s spaces and you’ll still have your reserved spot after you leave for the restrooms or to get some food.

Consecutive fireworks above the surface of water

White splash firework

Red passion firework

Whichever device you are using to capture the fireworks display, it’s an exciting opportunity to try different settings (manual, auto, scene, program mode etc). With the technology nowadays, many devices can capture a wider range of colors than our human eyes

Here is a YouTube photo slides that I made for this event.


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