Jewellumination in Yomiuri Land

Jewellumination photo spot

This illumination focuses on the theme ‘Jewel’ and consists of a total of 3 million LED lights. After 4pm, all of Yomiuri Land is filled with soft colorful lights drawing you into a magical fantasy world. From the Keio Yomiuri Land Station, there are 3 ways to get to the amusement park. One is gondola sky shuttle (300 yen for one trip, 500 yen for round trip). Two is public buses (200 yen for one trip). Three is to use the walking path near the gondola sky shuttle station. The ticket price for entrance after 4pm is 1000 yen (Day fare is 1200 yen).
If you use the gondola sky shuttle at night, you will definitely enjoy the night view from above.

View from gondola sky shuttle

When you enter Yomiuri Land after sunset, bright illuminating colors greet you from all sides, even the stairs are lit up with colors. You can almost imagine basking in the delightful colors of Jewellumination there. One lovely place I really enjoy is the lovely stream area, surrounded by colors of warm passionate red and pink.

Lovely stream area

Below is the Jewelry staircase with the Jewelry road and Jewelry ring in the background.

Jewelry fantasy

The forest area is also my favorite spot. The dominant green illumination is simply calming and peaceful to the eyes.

Forest area

Then there is this dramatic night fall illumination with musical performance. The jewel lights will dance to the music while you are standing in the middle of it. The lights and music surround you in a magical rhythm while captivating your heart and mind. It’s truly awesome and you should definitely experience it in this Jewellumination in Yomiuri Land.

Dramatic light fall

Here is some information on how to get there (English version).


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