The Torii arches


An arch with typical vermilion Torii color in Ueno, Tokyo. July, 2010.

One of the most typical Japanese elements that attract attention are the arches called “Torii(鳥居/とりい)”.


A Torii arch in Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto. March, 2014.

They are usually found at the entrance to Shinto shrines called “Jinja(神社/じんじゃ)” and represent a boundary between the sacred space and the ordinal world.
A Torii consists of two columns and two crosses on them arranged in parallel. They are usually vermilion colored, and although traditionally constructed of wood or stone, now also made in steel. They come in different sizes, some are very discreet, but others are so majestic and with such a striking red color, which is impossible to miss.


Fisheye view of a Torii in the market of Kotouichi in Kyoto. March, 2014.

Strangest thing is that pass under the torii, we human should not walk in the center of the passage, because it is assumed that is reserved for God.


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