Kumi-daiko, Japanese drum groups

If we visit a “Matsuri” (祭り) traditional Japanese festival, sometimes found some bands playing percussion drums of different sizes. These drums are known as “Taiko” (太鼓), and played with wooden sticks called “Bachi”.


The group Tenma-Daiko of Sagamihara.

The drums used are of different sizes, and binding of the sound of each one of them converge in a spectacular sound. This idea of playing the Taiko group emerged in 1951 thanks to Daihachi Oguchi, who was inspired by a jazz drummer, joining several drums of different size, shape and tone of sound.


Playing with high energy one of the drums.

It is estimated that in Japan there are about 5000 Kumi-daiko, formed both by young people as adults. It’s another part of Japanese social life, both to relate to others, and to use it as a way to relax and de-stress.


Drumming with sticks “Bachi”


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