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Machines for cooking rice can be simpler and cheaper or more modern and expensive.
Rice sold in big sacks.

In the daily diet of Japanese rice is a staple, so in stores best selling quantities are 5 and 10 kilograms. T… Read More


Kurashiki (倉敷) used to be an old merchant town and its canal is still beautifully preserved to this day. Perfe… Read More

This shop uses a whole shelf just for sweets-flavored tea.
Sweet flavored green tea

Tea is the most popular drink in Japan, so it’s no wonder they also apply as a taste for sweets. We can … Read More

As winter approaches, nothing beats a simmering hot pot to warm your body .Must try it when you go to Yamanashi!!
Houtou in Yamanashi

Have you heard about houtou(ほうとう)? [ Info from wikipudia]” It is a popular regional dish originating from Yama… Read More