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Jose from Barcelona is working as a photo & video editor.

For a few hours we can privately enjoy the hot springs.
Private hot springs

In Japan the hot springs is one of the most traditional forms for relax that use Japanese society. Normally th… Read More

Machines for cooking rice can be simpler and cheaper or more modern and expensive.
Rice sold in big sacks.

In the daily diet of Japanese rice is a staple, so in stores best selling quantities are 5 and 10 kilograms. T… Read More

The cashier of the store displays only in kanji entrance and exit.
Entrance and Exit to pay.

In many stores entry and exit are indicated to get people to pay orderly. Usually this happens in shops where … Read More

This shop uses a whole shelf just for sweets-flavored tea.
Sweet flavored green tea

Tea is the most popular drink in Japan, so it’s no wonder they also apply as a taste for sweets. We can … Read More