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chad fullOrigin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Years in Japan: 1 year
Occupation: Freelance writer
Interest / Hobby: Music, gaming, food, and technology
“I’ve always found the history and people of Japan to be fascinating, and living here has opened my eyes up to the culture in ways I don’t think I could have otherwise learned.  I love the mix of the traditional and the futuristic in Tokyo, and the friendliness of the people here is heartwarming to me.”

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Jose fullOrigin: Barcelona, Spain.
Years in Japan: 1 year
Occupation: Photo and video editor, Photographer.
Interest / Hobby: Cinema, Running, Football, Kimono,  Japanese food.
“I am fascinated about mix of traditional and modern things we can find in Japan.I love the character of Japanese people, for whom the most important is the community, and whose culture is so important to work hard and enjoy the rest time.”

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Teng fullOrigin: Malaysia.
Years in Japan: 6 years
Occupation: Graduate school student
Interest / Hobby: Backpack traveling.
“What makes me attracted to Japan? The freedom. Being able to stroll the streets regardless day or night without having to clutch my handbag tightly to myself for dear life in constant fear of being robbed is a really liberating feeling. ”

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Yeoh fullOrigin: Malaysia.
Years in Japan: 6 years
Occupation: System engineer
Interest / Hobby: Travel, playing harmonica, making short films and gaming.
“Life in Japan was always my dream life ever since I was a kid. The clean environment and how well they preserve the old stuff is what make me fall for Japan and decided to study and working in Japan.”

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Cliff fullOrigin: South East Asia.
Years in Japan: 6 years
Occupation: Trainee IT consultant
Interest / Hobby: Photography, trekking.
“Visiting Japan as a tourist and staying in the country itself is a totally different kind of experience. As time passes, you might find yourself thinking closer to the Japanese rather than your fellow countrymen!”

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