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Caretta Illumination
Caretta Illumination – Brigthen up the Tokyo Bay

Be inspired by this musical and LED lights performance at Caretta Shiodome shopping complex. The nearest station is Shiodome station (汐留駅) which is 1-minute walk away, but you can also reach it from Shimbashi station (around 5-minute walk). This illumination event is held here every winter and is absolutely free for all visitors. The theme is never the same each year. The organizers always have fresh new ideas for their illumination event. Last year, they used LED lights and 3D projection mapping on the building walls accompanied by an animated story relating to Christmas. This year, they created a ‘Corridor of Lights’ and ‘Pillars of Lights’ that will perform an… Read More

Kimono ladies taking a stroll at Ginza
Taking A Stroll Through Ginza’s Pedestrian Heaven

Ginza is a famous high end shopping district in Tokyo and the best time to pay Ginza a visit is definitely on weekends when the main street is closed off to road traffic. This is called Hokousha Tengoku (歩行者天国 which translates to Pedestrian Heaven. I remember my first experience of Hokousha Tengoku and there’s just something that’s so liberating about being able to roam a main road and zig-zag between the stores on both sides freely! Hokousha Tengoku starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 17:00 evening on Saturday and Sunday. The amount of Japanese wearing kimono in Ginza is just right to let you wear one without looking outright… Read More

Waitress in classic maid apron in Tsubakiya Cafe serving siphon coffee.
Tsubakiya Cafe -Taking a step back in the bygone Taisho era of Ginza-

After roaming Ginza street, we decided to take a coffee break because let’s face it, no visit to Ginza is truly complete without indulging yourself in one of the many cafe Ginza is famous for. The concept of Tsubakiya Cafe (椿屋カフェ店) is to pull you out of your everyday sensation with their European-style interior from the Taisho era. The quiet classical music flowing in the background exudes a calm adult atmosphere. The cafe is named after the tsubaki flower (camellia). For your information, Taisho era (大正時代) is a short era from year 1912-1926 which received influence from the Europe “Romanticism”. Taisho Roman (大正ロマン) is a phrase used to convey the… Read More

Shows the old machines and posters of Showa era idols
Retro Showa street at the ultra-modern Odaiba

Should you go to Odaiba, there is one place that you cannot miss. Yes, the place is called Daiba Icchome Shotengai (台場一丁目商店街) which literally means 1st Street Daiba Shopping Street. Daiba Icchome Shotengai is located on the 4th floor of Decks shopping mall. So, what is so great about this Daiba Icchome Shotengai? To get reach this place, you will have to pass by Tokyo Joypolis, an indoor theme park. Once you reach the 4th floor, you will feel as if you have been transported to the Showa Era of Japan. Daiba Icchome Shotengai is created with Showa 30s in mind, which is actually from 1955-1964. Never mind the era,… Read More

Night view of Tokyo Skytree from Asakusa Shrine
Asakusa – An assortment of Tradition and Modernity

If you want to enjoy both the tradition and the modernity of Japan, Asakusa (浅草) is the best place to visit. It offers you an assortment of traditional souvenir shops, restaurants, temples, parks, beautiful views of both traditional and modern architecture. It’s not only a popular spot for locals and tourists, but also attracts many photographers from all walks of life. The photo above was captured while I was traipsing around Asakusa area. Two young ladies were wearing colorful kimonos and they seemed to be asking a guy about a trishaw ride. Changing the color image to monochrome (black and white) gives you a feeling of walking back to the… Read More