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Supermarket: Pre-Expiration Sales

It’s a very strange thing to admit to, but I love supermarkets. They have everything I need in order to survive. From fresh local produce to luxurious Japanese beef. From cheap imported canned food to toilet paper. From snacks for human beings to treats for pets. There is so much to see and purchase that each new supermarket I discover automatically becomes a destination to visit. My first and favourite department to visit is the Deli corner. Since I’m not much of a good cook and somewhat of a busy person, food ready to go and be consumed help out a lot. All-time favourites like Tonkatsu (fried pork chop) and… Read More

Daiso is one of the most important 100 yen stores in Japan.
“100kin” cheaper stores.

The shops called “100kin” offer many types of items and most of them only 100 yen plus tax. Offer from food to clothing and accessories, toys, homewares, stationery, ornaments … and a list would be endless to explain. Because so many types of items are sold, when we need something specific, it is good idea to first look at these shops if they have what we need, because if they do, it will be very cheap. By the way, if you enter a “100kin” just to look … will be hard to exit without buying something.